Substitute Teacher Information

Dear Substitute Applicant

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS:  Complete all of the forms below including the Mandated Reporter Training.



W-4    I-9 Placement Information 
READ Policies & Regulations / Policy/ Regulation Signature
Health Clearance 

Child Abuse

Workers’ Compensation Facts

TB (Tuberculosis)Clearance

Physician Designation Emergency Form
Statement of No Social Security Coverage STRS Election
Oath of Affirmation Certificated Information
MANDATED REPORTER Certificate  This is a link to the training We will need a copy of your CBEST results and your Credential. Your Driver’s License and Social Security Card will also be required.


When you have completed the paperwork return it to the Human Resource Office,

435 Hillcrest Avenue, weekdays between 8:00 AM & 1:00 PM (Mon.-Fri.)

If you have questions call Kelly Van Houtan @ (831) 646-6553